About ceo expert

David F. Merrion is the retired Executive Vice President of Engineering for Detroit Diesel Corporation and he currently serves as a consultant to DDC. He was the Compliance Auditor for the Consent Decree DDC signed with EPA/CARB/DOJ in 1998. His consulting consists of Boards of Directors (Chairman Truck Emission Control Technologies), advisory boards (Achates Power Inc. & General Electric), advising startup companies (AquaFuel Inc. & Entec Engine Corp.), and advising companies such as Eaton Corp. and Olson Ecologic Testing Laboratories. Previous consulting included BOD Catalytica Energy Systems, Clean Diesel Technologies, & Hy-Drive Technologies. He is also a consultant to the National Academy of Science and has served on six National Research Council committees advising DOE, EPA, DOT, DOD and the US Congress.